Friday, August 1, 2008

Auto Accident

well me Angie and my mom got in a bad car accident on july 9th. Some lady pulled in front of me and did not yeild and I t-boned her. Front end of my one year old 2007 civic got messed up alone with air bags deploying. We all went to the ER. My mom had bumps and bruises. Angie has physical therepy for her neck and back and I might need knee surgery. I was so made but I styed calm. Since going to church I've learned alot. I'm greatful for that. They accepted100% liability and that is good. Getting civic back next week. I'll post some before and after pics for sure. Well that's the update. 21 more days till I'm married.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So i had to post this as this is making me feel really good.
As my previous post on inviting some friends to check out the orchard.
few of them responded. I had 6 friends with family members say they are coming back
to visit the orchard and also have been going since i posted that post. Thats Awesome. they Said they love the feeling there and that they plan on becoming memebers. Boy that makes me feel good. Just had to post this story

MAC what do you think??

So Im thinking of getting another PC but then i saw the Macs....Very nice
so my question to all you bloggers out there what you think?
Should i go with another PC as usual or switch and get a mac. I do alot
of graphic design and music, video editing.
Hit up the comments!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Man finally back from bloggin. Been gone for a while.
Whats new?? Well lots and lots of planning for the wedding is crazy, But myself and Angie are getting by waiting for that wounderful day of our lives.
It was our 8yr anniversery on April 2,2008. WoW 8 yrs and more to come:)
Ive also been try to take a new path in life following Jesus and becoming more closer to him. Ive been trying and so far so good. This is nothing you can just switch over and accomplish in one day. It takes time and effort and in the end i will feel complete. Which is close.

At chruch we had the easter egg drop that was sweet. Btw everyone if you havent already i suggest you check out Orchard Valley Community Church on Barns Rd in Aurora, IL. There Goal is to lead us into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Wounderful Christian Church. I hope to see you all there as guest and possibly making it your home as i have. Well time to go. Adrian Out

Monday, November 26, 2007

My tree monkey

Here is a pic of me and my god daughter. She was here visiting and we had a blast together.


Things im greatful for
my mom always being mom
my brother for alway keeping a eye out for me (should be other way around but hey)
my dad (even though he lives in Puerto Rico) for always pushing me to do better and be a man
my soon to be wife for being the best friend i have and love. You mean the world to me baby.
my church for helping me find myself and becoming the person i am.. . following jesus. I was a diffrent person before i went to the Orchard.(

Orchard kids

Yesterday me and Angie got a chance to watch the kids at church during service. It was great i tell ya they know how to make you laugh and be goofy with them as well it was a blast. This is something we will do again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Orchard Valley Community Church

WOW what a great place to go. All i can say is this place is wounderfull
it makes you feel closer to jesus. There mission at the church is to get people
and lead them to a growing relationship with jesus chirst any of my family and friends have to check this out its a wounderful church for your kids to get closer to jesus and to get your family closer together as well. The staff and everyone there is wounderful. May not be for anyone as everyone is diff but definetly check it out! I call this my Home from home!

Baptism Video

Well this is my first post and i have to say that this was a great day for me and Angie
doing this is a way of me moving closer and flowing Jesus as i have never done before.
This day was a honor to get it done with Angie and having our pastor Scott and Chris from our church Orchard Valley in Aurora do it. After that day i felt so refreshed and now it the start of a new life... Leaving my old self behind..
There where about over 100 People doing the Baptism in front of the Public. It was a great day for everyone involded.
Note:. this video was done by the creative team at the Orchard Valley Community Church